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What people have to say about third eye headlamps™

We love learning about what our customers think about their Third Eye gear and where they take it! Sometimes I think about what it would look like from above if everyone with a Third Eye Headlamp looked up for a moment and made the world light up...Below are some testimonials from some of our customers. We would love to hear from you too! If you have some Third Eye Gear and want to let us know where you use it and how you like it please scroll down and fill out the form below.

Thanks and happy trails!

Owner / Designer, Sean Anderson and the Third Eye Team



“You get what you pay for. This light is brighter than the cheaper headlamps and works much better than most for hard nighttime open ground bike riding.”


Modesto, CA


“Using this to preflight UH-60M Blackhawk Helicopters for night flights here at the U.S. Army's flight school. Thanks for offering a headlamp that's high quality and looks way cooler than everybody else's that I work with.”

-Kevin Stacey


“What a cool company. Excellent customer service and so polite.”


Hilmar, CA


“This headlamp is awesome! It is very bright and is perfect for when I am outside hiking, running, or biking in the evening. Before, I had a dinky little light that didn't help me see, but with this I can move at the speed I want to without worrying if there is something ahead of me I can't see.”


Dallas, TX


“Great headlamp overall. High quality, bright light, comfortable. The beam has an even spread with a bright spot in the middle that is really nice for seeing details or objects in the distance. Also essential that it has a red light as well to save your night vision.”


Oakland, CA


“This is a quality product that is comfortable and cleverly designed. The main spotlight is very sharp, clear, and focused (similar to a luxury car headlight) with 3 levels of brightness, a red light, and multiple strobe settings. I also like that it only takes one touch of the button to turn it off instead of cycling though all the different brightness levels when you are done using the headlamp.”


-Seattle, WA


“What a great product ! Small but SOOO Powerful. The ability to adjust the strength of the beam helped in my efforts ranging from reading to night time hiking and climbing. I bought a second one to use for safety purposes in my car but I know I'll end up using that one for hunting and other night time exploration. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product !”


Lafayette, CA


“3rd Eye delivered, not only the headlamp but the quality that was advertised. By far, the brightest headlamp I have ever owned. We used it on a camping trip this past weekend and it out shined my pal's headlamp to the point that he just kept his off! I look forward to using it over and over and over again.”


Orinda, CA


“I ordered it, a day later it came in the mail, the company contacted me to make sure I got it; that's solid customer service right there. The headlamp is brighter than any of my previous headlamps and the headband designs are sweet!”


Santa Barbara, CA


“Amazing headlamp! The best one I've ever owned. It has a comfortable strap, stylish, and the light is extremely bright. It also has a red light option in case you need to grab something while other campers are sleeping. Highly recommended.”


Castro Valley, CA


“This headlamp is so light and easy to wear during long nights of camping. I would absolutely recommend Third Eye Headlamps to anyone that spends time in the outdoors.”


Santa Barbara, CA


“It's actually nicer in the flesh so to speak than pictured.

Once the batteries were installed and light switched on, the light projected is really staggering when on it's highest setting. I like the different light intensity settings and while the small red side lights are an option, I'm sure the white center light will see 95% of use...”




“I have used many headlamps before and this is by far my favorite so far. Just used it on a camping trip and it was very comfortable and loved how bright it was. I keep it in my biking pack in case I am stuck out past dark to get me home. I love that it can also double as a tail light with a solid red or flashing.”



“Just opened up the box before going out ! If you're looking for that total package of a headlamp,pocket light glove box emergency light ....look no further.This is everything it says and more.Going to the deer stand in low light the red amber light is awesome and doesn't scare game away.Now imagine needing a bright light for leaving the stand at night,boy this is one bright light.I would recommend this to everyone !”



“This is a great headlamp - probably the best I've had. We just went to the Eastern Sierras and it was really helpful. The red light setting is perfect for inside the tent, especially if you don't want to disturb the person next to you. Back at home I'm using it nightly when I go out at night. Nice to have hands free and light, lots of light, to see by. Don't want to step on any rattlers.”


Santa Barbara, CA


“After 12 years in Search and Rescue, I was looking for a lighter, more efficient headlamp and settled on the Petzl Improved Lumen Output XP2 for many years. This new Third Eye Headlamp has got the Petzl beat by far. Third Eye has 168 lumens (compared to 80 lumens) and a beam length of 110 meters (compared to 68 meters). Third Eye has a higher waterproof rating and the gasket is noticeably better sealed. The battery compartment opens easilyand closes securely. The headband is very strong and fully adjustable. The tilt angle for the light locks in firmly and will not shift under stress. With a 120 hour burn time, the Third Eye Headlamp is my new recommendation to parents, students and fellow outdoor professionals.”


Santa Barbara, CA


“Wow! This light is really bright. And it has the perfect amount of settings for the different situations you might find yourself in - moon hikes, restroom runs at night, reading in the tent...a strobe for emergency situations. There's even a cool feature where you can adjust exactly where the light shines, without having to move the lamp on your forehead.The product is solid - super good quality, a soft and sturdy strap - well-made AND super comfy.

The band is stylish, too, just in case you want to impress a bear or your fellow campers. :) I love this product and have finally found the perfect headlamp! Money well spent.”


Los Angeles, CA


“Nice headband, works perfectly. The colorful "Aztec" pattern looks better on my white Black Diamond headlamp than the original Black Diamond band.”


Poquoson, VA

“As far as we’re concerned, Sean nailed it with that quip. His headlamps are the kind of gear we’ve been striving to sell for our whole tenure as see-you-out-there-chanting e-commerce guys/adventurers. Meaning, they combine some of the most capable outdoor tech on the market with a certain playfulness that’s easily approachable. So as far as tech goes, the thing that stands out about these lights is that they’re bright, really really ridiculously bright. Like, one of these on its highest brightness setting is more than enough to have you seeing daylight on your way through a dark campsite. But if you’re into moderation there are six brightness settings, along with a built-in red light for a wider range of vision, as well as blinker settings for both — all mapped out on two big, straightforward buttons. Oh, and the whole thing’s waterproof. As for the headbands, each one is artfully inspired by natural scenes and textiles — not to mention super comfy to wear on your head thanks to thick, almost terry-cloth-like stretch material. Plus, they’re at a price that got us thinking about the many, many places a stashed headlamp would be useful.”




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