Who is Third Eye Headlamps™?

Introducing Third Eye Headlamps™ the incredible new headlamp/ flashlights that find balance between style, functionality and the latest in lighting technology.

Designed in California by well-known contemporary artist, designer and adventurer Sean Anderson, this is the outdoor gear he wanted to own...An aesthetically driven headlamp with utmost quality and dependability. “I feel that camping and outdoor gear can be accessible, personal, and fun while also exceeding the expectations of weekend car campers and outdoor enthusiasts.” He says. “There just wasn’t a headlamp on the market that I wanted to wear... Technically advanced gear doesn’t have to look ‘technical’, it can be beautiful too.”

An avid artist, surfer and outdoorsman since he was young, all aspects of Anderson’s creativity and experience have come together as founder/owner of Third Eye Headlamps.

He began surfing at six, biked the perimeter of Hawaii at ten and became the youngest rider to do the entire Great Divide Ride along the continental divide from Canada to Mexico when he was thirteen. He has explored jungles and rivers of Bolivia as part of a heath-aid project, carrying art supplies as well as medical supplies to the small villages he visited. He’s ridden his bike tens of thousands of miles, explored throughout Europe, South Africa, Central America and most of the states west of the Rockies.

Anderson packs his Third Eye Headlamp on all of his journeys. He continues his goal of creating Third Eye products as functionally capable and aesthetically appealing as they can be through real life testing and research. The TE14 is made of recyclable non-toxic plastic, comes with a lifetime warranty and Anderson has designed a selection of different “Totally Awesome Headbands” that allow you to make a personal statement with your gear.

“We want our customers to use our headlamps while they climb mountains and explore rain forests, just as much as we want to help them find that delicious small batch bottle of whiskey and guitar in a dark campground on a weekend away from it all,” says Anderson.

Let us help you light up the night and look good doing it!

Sean wearing the  TE14 Indigo  in front of Old Faithful in West Yellowstone National Park, 2017.

Sean wearing the TE14 Indigo in front of Old Faithful in West Yellowstone National Park, 2017.